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Intelligent Security is a technology startup focused on developing the most effective ways to provide privacy, security and peace of mind.

One growing market where our vision on products and services is important and where we introduced our company is the cybersecurity market. In today's connected world the risk of cyber attacks occurring against individuals, groups, agencies, companies, organisations and governments keeps increasing as more information than ever before can be accessed through internet connected devices. Preventive measures provide the most effective means to protect and secure. 

Privacy is about not being observed or disturbed.

Security is the assurance of having the risk of something being detrimental to something or someone reduced, minimised or eliminated.

Peace of mind is the mental state of being at ease with yourself, your surroundings and events occurring.

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In order to stop information thieves, we developed a first product for the most common devices that prevents capturing any compromising footage without the user's consent. A sort of Allow/Deny toggle switch for your device's camera(s).

Don't stress anymore about having to be seen when accepting a video call!

Even if you are not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded.
— Edward Snowden

How to install the IS|CC?


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"Guarantee privacy better than any piece of software ever could."

- Gear Hungry / January 08, 2017


"One of the best solutions yet."

Dyllan Furness / January 18, 2017


Sécurité informatique: En quelques mois, 25'000+ caches pour webcam vendu.

- Par Luca Di Stefano / Apri 07, 2017




"The IS|CC works to be a more stylish, functional piece of equipment that can be slide open and closed to allow the camera to be used rather than rendered completely useless with a piece of tape."

- Michael Hemsworth / January 10, 2017


"A must-have for online security."

- Mark / April 17, 2017


"Es el accesorio ideal para portátiles y tablets de los más pequeños, aunque los mayores también verán el accesorio IS|CC como un imprescindible en seguridad."

-  Adrián Leira / January 14, 2017