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Works on iPhone Xs without interfering with Face ID.

Where does it fit?

Fits on most smartphones, tablets, laptops and all-in-one desktops.


Fits on the front of all iPhones and the back of most iPhones, fits the front & back of many other brands.


Fits on the front of all iPads and the back of most iPads, fits the front and back of many other brands.


Fits on all MacBooks and all iMacs, fits the front of most other brands.

How to install?

- To apply the IS|CC first remove the magnet from the ring.  

- Then place the ring on to your device to decide on how you want it to be placed. You may want to have it so it does not cover any device component such as the led indicator and/or light sensor. Placing the IS|CC over the camera so that by sliding it to one edge or the other you cover the camera it makes it more user-friendly. We do not recommend placing the IS|CC centred on top of the camera.

- Clean the camera area with a screen cleaning product, a product that does not leave any kind of residue is best. Make sure the area is dry. (If you are using a new phone which may have coating polished on, try cleaning the area around the camera first to remove any coating.)

- To stick the ring, peel the blue liner off of the ring without touching the adhesive side of the ring.  

- Gently start placing one side of the ring on to your device making sure you are properly aligned, keeping it aligned then place the rest of the ring gently on to your device.  

- You can still slightly move the ring to align it properly before applying pressure to tighten the adhesive bond.

- Once placed properly, apply pressure to tighten the adhesive bond.  

- Finally, place the magnet back on to the ring. 

In this video we demonstrate to you how to install the IS|CC.